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4 February 2013

Quelques outils de sécurité réseau sous Debian

by Jean-Michel Frouin

john the ripper : Active password cracking tool (apt-get install john john-data)
namp : The network mapper  (apt-get install nmap)
nessus : Vulnerability scanning software
chrootkit : Check Rootkit
wireshark : Network traffic analyzer (apt-get install wireshark)
netcat : TCP/IP swiss army knife (apt-get install netcat-openbsd)
kismet : Wifi networks detector (apt-get install kismet)
hping : Packet generator and analyzer (apt-get install hping3)
snort : Network intrusion prevention system (apt-get install snort)
tcpdump : Network debugging tool (apt-get install tcpdump)
ssldump : Network debugging tool (apt-get install ssldump)
ncaptool : Network capture tool (apt-get install ncaptool)